Mechanical Contracting Services

Mechanical Systems Design and Installation of Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Facility Systems

Tessier’s has been an industry leader in mechanical contracting work since 1919. Our mechanical contracting services include heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, temperature control, piping and HVAC systems balancing. Our team is ready to take on projects of any scope or size. We can design and install a residential system as well as take on the complex systems of larger, multi-use facilities. As an HVAC mechanical contractor with almost a century of history behind our name and the backing of a larger organization, we have the flexibility and resources to meet your expectations.

Mechanical Contracting Capabilities

Our mechanical contracting capabilities include the design, build and installation of HVAC systems for Commercial and Industrial Facilities, specialty sheet metal fabrication, ductwork fabrication, welding and ongoing services to help maintain the efficiencies of your systems. We are your full service, Midwest Mechanical Contractors.

Tessier’s is known in the industry for providing systems for complicated, multi-use facilities. We are a turnkey solutions provider from HVAC design to value engineering, installation, fabrication and ongoing maintenance. Small and simple system needs, or large and complicated, Tessier’s is the trusted partner that you can depend on.

A Century of Exceptional Service

For the past 100 years, our team has had the opportunity to display our passion and expertise for improving communities and quality of life. Since Tessier’s inception in 1919 we have maintained a pattern of steady growth, largely due to our outstanding family of employees, an upward trend that continues each day. Customer experience, Pride, Passion and a “blue collar” mentality.

Tessier’s has been able to grow over the years because of our valued partners. The relationships we have had the privilege of building, impact every aspect of our business; we aim to prove our commitment by providing the best work quality and unrivaled customer experience.

While we continue to grow our capabilities and expertise in an ever-changing market, we adhere to the strengths that have molded our culture of excellence.

Tessier’s Mechanical Systems Engineering Services:

Building Relationships with Multiple Industries In Our Communities:

Tessier’s provides mechanical systems for new construction of commercial, institutional, industrial and residential facilities. We also provide ongoing services to keep your systems up and running properly and provide system retrofits or additions as needed. Our systems can be found in facilities across the Midwest. We have designed and installed systems for the following industries:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Energy & Energy Retrofit
  • Office Buildings
  • Government/Tribal Agencies
  • Entertainment/Convention
  • Multiple Family Housing Complexes

Work with Tessier’s for Mechanical Contracting

When you choose to work with Tessier’s, you are choosing to work with a company that has a century of experience. We can provide mechanical systems engineering as well as mechanical systems installation for commercial and industrial facilities. We also can provide service for your HVAC systems. Interested in working with us? Contact our team today to learn more about our mechanical contracting services!